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Display Prong for Flat Oval Bar (250mm)

SKU: 130935
£1.29 ExVAT

Straight Arm 300mm

SKU: 130905P
From £3.00 ExVAT

Twin Slot Uprights

SKU: 130105P
From £8.09 ExVAT

Step Arm for Twin Slot Systems

SKU: 130927
£4.56 ExVAT

Display Prong for Flat Oval Bar (150mm)

SKU: 130930
£1.19 ExVAT

Flat Oval Support Bar For Twin Slot (600 mm)

SKU: 130804
£11.11 ExVAT

D-Rail For Twin Slot (1000mm)

SKU: 130810
£12.87 ExVAT

Ball Arm Upright for Twin Slot Systems

SKU: 130825
£4.05 ExVAT

Glass Shelf Bracket For Twin Slot

SKU: 130865P
From £3.00 ExVAT

Shelf Brackets For Wooden Twin Slot Shelf

SKU: 130305P
From £1.28 ExVAT

Freestanding Bookend

SKU: 130525
£5.18 ExVAT

16-Notched Arm Wall Fixed

SKU: 131010
£4.19 ExVAT

D-Rail For Twin Slot (600mm)

SKU: 130826
£10.97 ExVAT

White Steel Twin Slot Shelf

SKU: 130605P
From £13.70 ExVAT

White Blade Shelf Brackets For Twin Slot (300mm)

SKU: 130455
£4.65 ExVAT

Combination Rail 1000mm

SKU: 130820
£13.70 ExVAT

Straight Shoe Rack for Twin Slot Systems

SKU: 130835
£6.86 ExVAT

Notched Arm for Twin Slot Uprights

SKU: 130831
£4.26 ExVAT

Flat Oval Display Bar 1000mm

SKU: 130805
£10.62 ExVAT

11-Ball Arm for Flat Oval Bar

SKU: 130925
£4.31 ExVAT

11-Ball Arm for Twin Slot Systems

SKU: 130875
£5.41 ExVAT

Chrome Shelf Brackets 270 mm for Twin Slot Uprights (Pair)

SKU: 130880
£7.17 ExVAT

Upright Bracket For Oval Tube

SKU: 115110
£3.59 ExVAT

Bracket For Chrome Tube

SKU: 115210P
From £2.58 ExVAT

Twin Slot Shelving

Twin Slot Shelving is a robust shelving system that can be adapted to a range of locations, including shops, offices and garages. It is a durable and reliable shelf solution that saves space as it can be mounted directly onto a wall. The drop and lock bracket design prevents unintentional shelf dislodging in the system, which comprises uprights, brackets, and shelves. Twin Slot Shelving is renowned for its adaptability and capacity to support a great deal of weight, making it possible to store bulky and heavy objects on it.

To install the system, firstly begin by attaching the uprights to the wall using screws and wall plugs. Be sure to use a level to ensure the uprights are positioned correctly before installing shelves or rails. Secondly, once the uprights are secured in place, brackets can be slid into the upright and sit at any position. After installing the uprights and brackets, shelves can be added and adjusted to the desired height. Lastly, each shelf or rails position can be adjusted on the system without having to dismantle the whole display. Furthermore, dividers and bookends can be used on the shelves to help keep your products organised and visually appealing.

 How much weight can Twin Slot Shelving hold?

The weight that each twin-slot shelving system can hold can vary depending on the installation method used. However, a typical shelf can hold up to 55kg UDL when securely fixed to a wall. Therefore, this makes this system an ideal solution for both commercial and at-home use.

We stock a large range of twin-slot shelving and accessories from our warehouse in Fareham, Hampshire. All of the components in this section are fully compatible with each other. Please note, that whilst other suppliers sell slotted shelving systems, not all parts are compatible with other systems. It is important to ensure that all components are suitable for a 32mm pitch system (which is what we supply).

If you would like any more information on our twin slot shelving systems, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000