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Slatwall Panels

Slatwall is versatile shop fitting system for a variety of items including clothing, hardware, toys and accessories. Since it’s space efficient and has a high storage capacity, it’s a popular choice for many stores and workshop owners as a wall-mounted storage system for tools and hardware. To learn more about slatwall visit our slatwall information page.

Slatwall is made of multiple MDF boards with T-shaped grooves that run horizontally across the width of the slatboard panel. This shape allows hooks, arms, and shelves to be slotted into the boards without the use of tools. Inserts can also be slid into these grooves to provide a clean finish and to protect the slatboard.

These T-shaped grooves can vary in size and style as some manufacturers do not cut boards ready for inserts. Our boards are cut ready for inserts as it helps provide a cleaner finish, but if you’d prefer not to use them, the boards can still be used without.

Our range of slatwalls come in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes, and we also offer a bespoke option too.

We understand that your displays are important to you, let us help you get the slatwall panels you need. Call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000