Till rolls and PDQ machine rolls are essential items for any shop that accepts card payments. Read More…

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Thermal Till & PDQ Rolls (20 Pack)

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Till Rolls

Till rolls and PDQ machine rolls are rolls of paper that are used to print receipts for customers and keep records of transactions. They are essential for any shop that accepts card payments, as they provide a record of each transaction. It’s important to use high-quality rolls to ensure that the prints are clear and easy to read.

Measure Till Rolls & PDQ Machine Rolls for the right fit

To measure till rolls and PDQ machine rolls, you’ll need to measure their diameter, width, and core size. The diameter is the measurement of the roll from one end to the other, while the width is the distance across the roll. The core size is the diameter of the hole in the centre of the roll. Accurately measuring these dimensions is important to ensure that they fit properly in the machine.

To check what size you need, consult your machine manual or measure the roll yourself. It’s important to use the correct size for your machine, as using the wrong size can cause jams and other issues. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in your machine manual or measure the roll yourself using a ruler or tape measure.

What Are Thermal Till Rolls?

Thermal till rolls are a type of till roll that uses heat to print receipts. They are made of a special type of paper that reacts to heat, which creates the print on the paper. Thermal rolls are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional units, as they don’t require ink or ribbons. They also produce high-quality prints that are easy to read.

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