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Single Sided Impulse Shelving Unit

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Single Sided Impulse Display Unit

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Shop Queue System

A queuing system is a way of displaying impulse merchandise in your shop. A well-placed display encourages impulse purchases by allowing customers to pick up items while waiting to pay. It also makes inventory management easier because the stock is kept closer to the till. A shop queue system also prevents overcrowding by encouraging customers to wait in a specific area of the store.

A successful queueing system requires flexibility. Your queue should be able to change quickly as well as accommodate merchandise of various types and sizes. Investing in more shelves or hooks may be worthwhile if you sell seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes. However, when it’s not in season, you can reduce the display by removing a couple of extra shelves. Or, why not remove an entire bay without having to dismantle everything?

If you decide that our Q-Systems are right for you, please contact one of our display experts. All of the components used to assemble these impulse units are fully compatible with our 50mm pitch shop shelving. As a result, if you have some of this shelving in your shop, your existing shelves, brackets, and so on will work with this system.

What benefits could a Queue System Offer to Your Shop?

There are many benefits to using a queuing system in your shop to display merchandise. One of the most obvious is increased sales. A well-designed queuing system can encourage impulse buying and help customers find what they’re looking for faster, which will increase overall revenue for your business.

Another advantage of using a queuing system is that it allows customers to browse products on display while waiting their turn at the checkout or service desk. This increases visibility and gives shoppers who might not have considered purchasing before seeing an item up close an opportunity to decide whether or not they want something after all!

Additional Safety and Security Benefits

Safety and security are two major benefits of using a queuing system in your shop.

  • Preventing theft. When you have a queuing system, it’s easier to keep track of who is in the store at any given time. This means that if someone leaves without paying for something, you’ll know who they are and can notify the police.
  • Protecting merchandise. The best way to protect your merchandise is by keeping it out of reach from potential thieves. A queuing system allows you to do just that by creating barriers between customers and the items they want to purchase–or steal!

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