What are A-Boards?

A-boards, also known as “pavement signs” or “sandwich boards,” are a traditional and useful way to attract customers to business premises. They are called A-boards because, when looking at double-sided boards from the side, they resemble an ‘A’.

A-boards are used by many businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants, retailers, and even outdoor event spaces. They are effective in catching the attention of passers-by and are often used to advertise daily specials, discounts, opening hours, or special events. These pavement signs are designed to be sturdy yet lightweight so they can be easily moved from inside to outside as needed. The signs are offered in different styles including chalkboard, marker board, poster frames and printed swing signs. All options allow for easy changes to the displayed message.

It’s important to note that the use of A-boards is subject to local regulations. This may restrict where and when they can be used and how large they might be.

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Small Aluminium A Board

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Forecourt Type Pavement Sign (A1)

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Swing Sign (Heavy Base)

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Steel Pavement Sign (A2)

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A Boards

What are the Benefits of A Pavement Sign?

One of the primary benefits of using A-boards is their ability to increase foot traffic. By placing an A-board or pavement sign outside your premises, you can catch the eye of passers-by and draw them in. This is highly effective for businesses located on busy streets or in areas with high foot traffic. Studies have shown that A-boards can increase foot traffic by up to 30%

Another advantage of using A-boards is their ability to improve visibility. A-boards are typically placed at street level on the pavement, making them easy to read. This is important for businesses that are located off the high street or in areas with low visibility. Placing a pavement sign outside your business can increase your visibility and attract more customers. They can also be used to promote sales, special offers, new products, and upcoming events.

Tips for Using an A-Board: 

Following a few best practices is important to effectively use pavement signs in your business. First, make sure your A-board is eye-catching and easy to read. Use bold graphics and clear messaging to grab the attention of passers-by. Second, consider the placement to ensure that it is visible and accessible to customers. Finally, be sure to change the messaging regularly to keep it fresh and relevant.

Our sign boards and pavement signs are a simple and effective way to draw customers to your business. They are our most cost-effective solutions for local outdoor advertising. Some of the best styles include our metal chalkboards, forecourt signs, and steel pavement signs. These are heavier and do not blow over in the wind as easily as our fair weatherboards which are made from aluminium. Our swing signs have heavy bases and are ideal for screen or digitally printed graphics.

Unsure which A Board or Pavement Sign to go for? Call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000 to discover which of our wide range of pavement signs is best for you.