Our A-boards and pavement signs are a simple and effective way to draw customers to your business. Read more…

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Forecourt Type Pavement Sign (A1)

£152.95 ExVAT

Metal Chalkboard

£164.95 ExVAT

Small Aluminium A Board

£64.95 ExVAT

Steel Pavement Sign (30×20)

£144.95 ExVAT

Steel Pavement Sign (A1)

£164.95 ExVAT

Steel Pavement Sign (A2)

£124.95 ExVAT

Swing Sign (Heavy Base)

£69.50 ExVAT

A Boards

With the rise of the internet, many businesses have shifted their focus to their online presence and lost sight of the number of local customers they could be drawing in, and in such a simple way!

A boards are our most cost effective solutions for local advertising, including our metal chalkboards, forecourt signs, and steel pavement signs. These are heavier and do not blow over in the wind as easily as our fair weatherboards which are made from aluminium.

The chalkboard A boards can be branded in the 108 mm band at the top of the board. Chalkboards can be easier to maintain if you like to regularly change your messages as there are no poster design or printing costs to be factored in. Our swing signs have heavy bases and are ideal for screen or digitally printed graphics.

If you would like any help or advice regarding our A boards and pavement signs, feel free to call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000