From black plastic hangers to satin-covered hangers and everything in between. Our range of black coat hangers is perfect for every type of clothing store. Read More…

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Matt Black Wooden Hangers With Grips (440 mm)

SKU: 255575
£1.31 ExVAT

Matt Black Trouser Hangers (350 mm)

SKU: 255560
£1.26 ExVAT

Matt Black Angled Suit Hangers (440 mm)

SKU: 255585
£1.15 ExVAT

Matt Black Broad Jacket Hangers (380 mm)

SKU: 255565
£3.73 ExVAT

Black Satin Padded Hangers (420 mm)

SKU: 210350
£0.99 ExVAT

Matt Broad Black Jacket Hangers (450 mm)

SKU: 255570
£3.83 ExVAT

Matt Black Angled Clothes Hangers (440 mm)

SKU: 255580
£1.17 ExVAT

Black Coat Hangers

Our range of black coat hangers includes both plastic and wooden options in a variety of shapes. The style of hanger you’ll need depends on the clothing that you want to hang, your budget and the overall desired atmosphere for your store.

Black hangers look smart and allow your clothes to be the most prominent thing to the customer. In addition, they have the added benefit of going with almost any colour of clothing. If you mainly sell black clothing, however, you may want to consider a white or wooden hanger range. Our black satin-covered clothes hangers are particularly good at providing a high-end feel to your store.

If you sell a lot of knitwear, our black wooden clothes hangers are strong and provide notches for clothing loops. These hangers are better for hanging clothes and also provide your store with a more high-end feel than plastic hangers. Broader black jacket hangers are also available and are well suited to selling coats and jackets. Particularly if you want to make sure they don’t lose their shape.

Our black trouser hangers are useful for hanging skirts and trousers alike and are perfect for suits and other materials that need to be kept straight.

We can also supply you with branded clothes hangers to give an extra professional, unique feel to your store.

To get the right hangers for your clothing, contact our Display Experts or call 01329 842 000.