What are Mannequins?

Mannequins are life-sized figures used to display clothing. They help to make your shop look sophisticated and attract customers by enabling them to visualise the clothes on themselves. They are a practical and effective way to showcase your fashion line to shoppers. You can position them strategically in your shop windows or around the store to highlight specific items of clothing and show customers how they could look when worn.

Mannequins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. This makes them versatile enough to mimic a range of body types and promote inclusivity. You can choose from full-body figurines, articulated, torsos, tailors’ dummies, and body parts like heads, hands, and feet to suit your display needs.

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How should you use a Mannequin in a shop?

When using mannequins in a shop, it’s important to position them strategically at visible points such as the entrance, window displays, or end of aisles. To create an engaging display, try different outfits, poses, and arrangements, and change the display regularly to keep repeat customers interested. Here are some steps to follow when using mannequins in your store:

1. Strategically position mannequins at visible points.

2. Experiment with different outfits, poses, and arrangements for an engaging display.

3. Change the display regularly to keep repeat customers interested.

Using mannequins for visual merchandising in retail shops is an effective way to showcase products and attract customers.

Buying the “Right” mannequin?

Our mannequin collection makes it easy to find the perfect look for your shop. Choosing the right style can enhance your store’s atmosphere and complement your other displays. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of mannequins is to sell clothes. Take the time to think about the poses and finishes you want before purchasing.

If you need help selecting the right mannequin from our range, we have an article that can guide you in choosing the perfect display mannequins for your store. We can also help you create a custom display. We can source the style, and colour or brand them with your logo. All of these things can make your clothes look their best and give you an edge over your competitors.

In summary, mannequins are an essential tool for any retail store. They bring outfits to life, entice customers, help with visual merchandising, and promote inclusion while looking stylish. Our UK warehouse has mannequins in various styles and forms ready for an instant upgrade to your retail space. Don’t hesitate! Shop mannequins today and let your fashion speak to your customers.

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