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Single Prong Chrome Arms (100mm – 300mm)

SKU: 110305P
From £0.46 ExVAT

Gridwall Bracket for Wall Mounting

SKU: 110210
£0.92 ExVAT

Gridwall Joining Clips

SKU: 110215
£0.28 ExVAT

Gridwall Hat Arm | Millinery Displays

SKU: 110520
£1.90 ExVAT

Euro-Arm Chrome

SKU: 110405P
From £1.08 ExVAT

Chrome Shoe Shelf For Gridwall

SKU: 110635
£1.08 ExVAT

Round Straight Arm 12 Inch

SKU: 110516
£2.43 ExVAT

Gridwall Header 570 x 180 mm

SKU: 110235
£8.53 ExVAT

Straight Chrome Arm With Ball End

SKU: 110505
£2.36 ExVAT

Seven Ball Arm

SKU: 110515
£3.08 ExVAT

Chrome Arm Waterfall

SKU: 110510
£3.13 ExVAT

Grid wall Legs & Supports (Pair)

SKU: 110200P
From £15.02 ExVAT

Braked Castor For Grid Stands

SKU: 110230
£1.91 ExVAT

One Notch Bracket

SKU: 110300
£1.35 ExVAT

Straight Flat Shelf

SKU: 110615
£16.28 ExVAT

U-Rail For Gridwall

SKU: 110710
£8.73 ExVAT

Gridwall Wire Basket

SKU: 110620
£21.60 ExVAT

Sloping Chrome Shirt Shelf (Easel)

SKU: 110605
£6.53 ExVAT

Gridwall Wood Shelf Bracket

SKU: 110712P
From £2.47 ExVAT

Curved Hangrail, Quarter Circle for Gridwall

SKU: 110705
£7.10 ExVAT

2-Way Gridwall Shelf With Front Lip

SKU: 110614
£14.90 ExVAT

Gridwall Gondola Base

SKU: 110223
£37.83 ExVAT

Four-Way Grid Wall Base

SKU: 110225
£33.39 ExVAT

Triangular Base For Gridwall

SKU: 110220
£33.39 ExVAT

Gridwall Accessories

Gridwall hooks are an essential part of any display solution, providing an easy way to hang items for customers to view. Hooks can be used in conjunction with other displays and fixtures. This allows you to create an eye-catching display that is sure to draw attention from customers.

Gridwall hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including single prongs, euro hooks and clothes arms. S-hooks are another common type of hook that can be used to hang items such as photo frames and artwork.

Gridwall hooks are easy to install and require no tools or special skills. Simply place the hook on your Gridwall panel, then hang your product from it. Furthermore, they are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for businesses that need to move their displays often. They’re also easy to install, which means you can get your display up and running quickly.

All Gridwall accessories are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. The hooks we offer in our Gridwall display systems are designed to last for years, even with heavy items hanging from them. The durability of these hooks means that you can use your display system day after day without worrying about it becoming damaged or worn out. This makes them a great choice for businesses looking for long-term solutions when it comes to their signage needs!

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