Gridwall Gondola Base


PRICE: £28.75 Excl. VAT


These gridwall gondola base is designed for use with gridwall. They are a great way to make versatile displays that can easily be moved around your store, allowing you to make the most of your merchandising space.

The beauty of gridwall displays, is that they are so easy to change around. There is a large selection of arms to choose from. These arms and prongs can be placed onto the gridwall easily and do not require tools to secure them. They can be moved around according to the items that you need to display.

By using this gridwall base, retailers can create a space efficient and versatile display that can easily be moved around store.

To create this gridwall display, you will also need to purchase 4 gridwall panels and 6 joining clips to connect the 4 panels together.

Gridwall Gondola Base

  • Compatible with 76.2 mm (3 inches) mesh gridwall
  • Easy to create versatile displays
  • Needs 6 joining clips
  • Compatible with braked castors
  • Supports a gridwall panel at each end, and two in the middle section
  • 122 cm (4 foot) long and 61 cm (2 foot) wide
  • The height of the display depends on the gridwall panels that you select

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