Monarch 1131 Single Line Permanent Labels (10 Rolls)

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These are rolls of Avery Dennison Monarch 1131 single line permanent labels. These are sold in boxes that contain 10 rolls, which each have 2,000 sticky price labels. These price gun labels are white and are ideal for retailers who would like their price labels to stay in place for longer. However, if you are looking for price gun labels that are peelable and easy to change, you may prefer our peelable Monarch 1131 labels.

These labels are designed to be used to print a single line that contains 8 characters.

Monarch 1131 Single Line Permanent Labels

  • 20,000 labels per box
  • 10 rolls of 2,000
  • Plain white, ‘permanent’ labels
  • Peelable labels are also available
  • For use in conjunction with the Monarch 1131 price guns
  • For printing a single line with 8 digits
  • Extra ink rollers also available
  • Yellow or pre-printed labels are available on request

The price gun that these pricing labels are compatible with, is one of the best on the market. This is partly because of its hard outer casing that makes its design robust. As a result, these pricing guns are resistant to being dropped. In addition, an Avery Dennison Monarch 1131 price gun holds a larger roll of labels than most pricing guns on the market. Consequently, these price guns are a time saver. Whereas the Monarch 1131 price gun only has to be reloaded once every 2,000 labels, standard guns have to be reloaded every 1,500.

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