White Satin Padded Hangers (420 mm)

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The Display Centre supply a range of clothes hangers for shops. These white satin padded hangers are one of many types available. Their padded and covered finish allows these clothes hangers to create a luxury feel to your clothing. Complete with a small bow, these hangers are ideal for both storing and displaying clothes items.

Their satin white finish ensures that while looking luxurious, your hangers do not stand out more than your clothes. This makes certain that your customers are concentrating on your merchandise, but with the added benefit of the premium feel that your hangers and store environment creates. In addition, the slight extra depth to these hangers makes it harder for clothes to become creased while in storage or on the shop floor.

White Satin Padded Hangers

  • 420mm from end to end
  • Create a premium and luxurious feel
  • Plain colour to ensure your merchandise stands out more than the display
  • Small bow at base included to add extra detail
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Popular with boutiques
  • Available in small quantities should you wish to have these premium hangers in your home
  • Black satin padded hangers also available

These white satin padded hangers are already cost effective, but to make them even more so, consider purchasing in quantities that meet the bulk discount price breaks.

If you require size cubes you can find them in our Fashion Accessories section.

If you would like any more information on our hangers, please contact our Display Experts. Call 01329 842 000 or email

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