Wooden Wishbone Hotel Hangers (450 mm)


PRICE: £1.25 Excl. VAT


Hotel hangers are popular in the hospitality business. This is because they satisfy a number of important requirements, that help hotel and B&B owners ensure that their customers are happy.

The metal ring at the top of the hanger is simply slid over the hanging rail of the wardrobe. The hangers themselves have the straight part of the hanger hook with a nodule at the end. This straight part is slid into a hollow in the ring and the nodule holds it in place. The reason for this simple, but clever, system, is that it prevents guests from accidentally removing hangers from their rooms. This allows hoteliers to provide high quality hangers without the fear of having to constantly replace them.

In addition, to the simple but clever security hanger hooks, these hotel hangers are also of high quality. They are wooden and shaped with both a centre bar and notches. The notches in each shoulder are a great way to hold garment strings and ensure that tops and dresses remain in place.

In addition, the centre bar provides a place for hanging trousers. This ensures that these hotel hangers are suited to both men and women’s clothing. This of course is important as the hangers that a hotel chooses, contributes to the overall experience of a guest. Particularly if they are intending on attending an important event at sometime during their stay. No one wants to attend an event with creased clothing, and equally, hoteliers do not wish to have to keep replacing their hangers.

The metal ring has an internal diameter of 40 mm which is suitable for most wardrobe hanging rails.

Wooden Wishbone Hotel Hangers

  • Security hanging system to prevent hangers from being removed from a room
  • Quality wooden hangers to impress your guests
  • Notches to accommodate garment strings
  • Centre bars for hanging trousers
  • Branded options available
  • 450 mm wide hangers
  • Suited to both men’s and women’s clothing

If you would like to ensure that the shoulders are non-slip, you may also like to consider adding some self-adhesive hanger grips. These hanger grips come in a variety of colour and size combinations. They are simply stuck onto the shoulders to hold clothes in place. They are both cost effective and long lasting.

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