Wooden Jacket Hangers (430 mm)


PRICE: £1.95 Excl. VAT


The Display Centre supply a range of clothes hangers for shops, including these wooden jacket hangers. These hangers have broad ends to fill the shoulders of your garments. As they are shaped, and deeper than standard hangers, these wooden jacket hangers support the shoulders of jackets to ensure that they do not lose their shape over time.

Easily branded and beautifully finished, these wooden jacket hangers help retailers make their merchandise stand out. These hangers are particularly popular with stores that wish to make their clothes look their absolute best. This is because the hangers fill the shoulders of a garment properly, allowing them to both hang correctly and hold their over time. These hangers are also available in a white and black version.

These wooden jacket hangers are particularly versatile, as they can be used effectively in a range of store environments. Whether you are improving the design of your boutique, or adding to a country feel in a farm shop, these wooden jacket hangers contribute to a clean, well presented store.

Wooden Jacket Hangers

  • 430mm from end to end
  • Wooden to add to the atmosphere of your store
  • Fill garment shoulders properly
  • Brandable on request
  • Ideal for hanging suit jackets
  • Available in small quantities should you wish to have excellent broad hangers in your home
  • Matt black jacket hangers and white jacket hangers also available
  • You can also purchase Wooden suit hangers

If you require size cubes you can find them in our Fashion Accessories section.

To make these hangers even more effective, consider adding some hanger grips. Our hanger grips were created by one of our Display Centre directors and they are fantastic for retailers and home users alike. They are rubber strips that simply self-adhere to hangers to provide a non-slip finish. They come in both clear and black versions and are a great way to create the ultimate non-slip suit hanger.

The Display Centre supply over 4,000 retail displays and business supplies. For more information about this, or any of our products, please use our contact us page.


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