Rounded Wishbone Wooden Hangers with Centre Bars & Notches (450 mm)


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The Display Centre supply a large range of hangers in wooden, metal and plastic. These stylish wishbone wooden hangers with centre bars are among those in our wooden hanger range.

These hangers are ideal for retail as they have both centre bars and notches. This makes them versatile as they can be used to hang a range of goods with ease. The notches are designed to support garment strings to prevent clothing such as dresses and t-shirts from falling off of their hangers. In addition, the centre bar can be used to hang trousers. So whether you wish to merchandise trousers or dresses, these hangers allow you to change it up quickly and easily.

As a result of their features, these wishbone wooden hangers with centre bars are easy to use and exceptionally practical. In addition, these hangers are shaped. The joint of each hanger creates a slight angle which allows the shoulders of the hanger to come very slightly forward. The centre bar is placed centrally, and so the combination of these small tweaks to the classic hanger shape, ensures that clothes are filled properly. This is because in retail, staff do not want to be constantly having to pick clothes up from the floor and have to rehang items. They also do not want to have to worry about clothes creasing or not hanging correctly.

The wood is thinly varnished to provide a slight gloss finish. As a result, the grain of the wood is accentuated. This is part of the beauty of wooden hangers. As the grain is slightly different in each, each hanger forms a different pattern.

Rounded Wishbone Wooden Hangers with Centre Bars

  • 450 mm from end to end
  • Notches for garment strings
  • Centre bars
  • Silver hooks
  • Brand these hangers on request
  • Beautifully shaped
  • Cost effective
  • Square top versions available

The Display Centre supply a broad range of hangers and can tailor products to your needs. Should you require your hangers to be branded, you can choose between printed options and engraved options.

In addition, you can easily add non-slip grips to the hanger shoulders with our self-adhesive hanger grips.

The Display Centre supply over 4,000 retail displays and business supplies. For more information about this, or any of our products, please use our contact us page.

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