Laminated Wooden Trouser Hangers (370 mm)


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The Display Centre supply a broad range of clothes hangers, including these laminated wooden trouser hangers. In addition, you can choose from white, black, plastic and metal hangers. In addition, The Display Centre brand hangers on request.

These laminated wooden trouser hangers are very detailed.  This detail is in the form of both their shape and colour. Their unusual shape and high level of detail contributes towards a boutique feel, which is becoming a popular atmosphere to foster, even in large chains.

Beautifully shaped and laminate wood, these wooden trouser hangers are a simple way to make your merchandise hang well and look good. The hanger centre bars are covered with a thin, ribbed plastic and this makes them non-slip. This plastic is clear and subtle and so does not detract from the merchandise, particularly as it is covered when trousers are hung. The centre bar that lies underneath the plastic is a walnut wood colour. The combination of the hangers’ shape and non slip covering, makes them and ideal way to merchandise trousers elegantly.

As well as being shaped, these wooden trouser hangers also have a high amount of detail styling. The top bar combines both light and dark wood colours. The top part of the hanger is a light ash colour and below the hook, in the centre, there is a half circle in a stained beech colour. As well as this, there is a walnut colour pinstripe that runs from end to end, following the shape of the hanger. The combination of the elegant shape and the detail of the wood colourings, creates a light, elegant wooden trouser hanger that is ideal for retailers who want to make their merchandise look its best.

Laminated Wooden Trouser Hangers

  • 370mm from end to end
  • Centre bar to hold trousers
  • Retro shape tohelp culivate a fun store atmosphere
  • Available in small quantities should you wish to have excellent hangers in your home

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