How To Choose The Right Price Cubes For Your Shop

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How To Choose The Right Price Cubes For Your Shop

Price Cubes

Price cubes are the small blocks that are usually placed in front of jewellery or accessories. There are several different styles of price cube kit. The cubes themselves come in different sizes. In addition, the kits also come in different sizes to help you get the number of prices that you need for your shop.

Price cubes click together, so that you can arrange them in the order that you need to depict your prices.

Nouvelle Medium Price Cube – Extra Characters


Our range is so extensive, that our price cubes are used by everyone from independent jewellers to Paperchase, Liberty of London and Fred Perry. We even had one of our large customers tell us that their sales increased by 9% when they started using price cubes – compared to having no prices on their watches!


Here are a few tips to help you choose the right price cubes for your shop:

There are three main considerations;

Style –

This decision should be based on the product that you’re trying to complement, the customers that you have (can they read it?), your brand and also your/your manager’s preferences. The main choices are between a modern font or a retro one. The modern font is a Nouvelle style, the retro font is a Retro style cube.

Budget –

The first thing to note is that Retro cubes do not come with currency symbols, whereas Nouvelle price cube kits do include currency symbols. Therefore, Nouvelles can be substantially more cost-effective, without a compromise on quality.

Size –

There are 3 size choices for each of the styles. The most popular size are the medium Nouvelle cubes. This is because they are the ideal size for jewellery. They balance being discreet with being legible. However, if you are displaying shoes or handbags then the large Nouvelle price cubes are likely to be the best choice for you. This is because they balance with the object better.


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The Differences Between Nouvelles, Retros & Metallic Effect Price Cubes

Nouvelle Price Cubes

The most popular range is the Nouvelle price cube range. This is because they are cost-effective, quality cubes, that come in a range of colours. Nouvelle price cube kits include currency symbols, whereas Retro style kits do not. Consequently, Nouvelle price cube kits can be a much more cost-effective solution, without compromising on quality.


Ideal pricing system for jewellery

These are Medium Nouvelle Price Cubes.

 In addition, Nouvelle cubes are fully customisable. For those ordering for their brand in large quantities, bespoke colours and fonts can be produced. For example, Paperchase chose grey cubes with Paperchase’s font in white. These were then supplied to Paperchase and rolled out nationwide to their store cabinets.


Paperchase price cubes were custom made for them by The Display Centre.


Large Nouvelle price cube kits and mini Nouvelle price cubes are also available. If you look at the images below you can see how the different sizes of cubes compare


Mini Nouvelle Price Cube KitIdeal pricing system for jewelleryA large price cube kit which is used to price jewellery


Retro Price Cube Kits

These price cubes also come in 3 different sizes. They use a retro font.

See below to compare the three different sizes.

Mini Retro Price Cube Kits. Ideal jewellery pricing system for retailers.Retro Price Cubes in Medium. Ideal for jewellery pricing systems.Large Retro Price Cubes

Browse the range of Retro price cubes here.


Metallic Effect Price Cube Kits

These pricing systems are slightly different in that the numbers form the body, as opposed to being a cube. However they connect in much the same way.Metallic Effect Price Cubes

Choose between gold and silver metallic effect price cubes.

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