How To Choose A Retail Wall Display System For Your Store – The Ultimate Guide

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Wall Display System For Your Shop

Visual merchandising is a key consideration when it comes to helping retailers sell more. Selecting a wall display system for your shop can be a daunting task. Shopfittings can be a complicated field to navigate as there are so many different systems and each system has its own nuances and considerations.

But don’t worry, in this ultimate guide we will explore the most popular wall display systems for retailers and help you choose which one is going to be right for your store.

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The Key Considerations

In each wall display system category, we have discussed how the system interacts with these considerations. When we refer to your lease we are referring to whether you can drill into the walls of your shop. If you need freestanding wall displays then please skip to the wall bays section.

  1. Your lease
  2. What you want to display
  3. How flexible you need to be
  4. The amount of space that you have available
  5. Your budget
  6. The look you prefer for your brand

An Introduction To The Most Popular Wall Display Systems For Retail

We’re going to talk you through the names of the most popular types of wall display system and then we will break them down into the key considerations for you.

  1. Slatwall Panels
  2. Twin Slot (Also known as Element 32)
  3. Tube & Clamp Scaffolding
  4. Wall Bays

If you are opening your first shop, you should also consider reading our article on things you need for your first shop.

Slatwall Panels

Your Lease

Slatwall is a wall mounted system and so you will need to consider whether you are allowed to drill into the walls of your shop. If you are in a listed building for example, then this will probably not be possible.

What You Want to Display

Slatwall is an incredibly versatile system. Slatwall can be used in conjunction with multiple different arms, bars and hooks. As a result, it’s suitable for merchandising everything from clothes to e-cigarettes. In addition, the arms and bars can be moved around without the need for tools which brings us onto the next consideration.

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How Flexible You Need to Be

As there are so many different types of fittings that can be added to slatwall, it’s easy for you to re-merchandise your shop. If you decided to change the layout of your shop, you would simply need to remove the merchandise, move the arms to their new positions and replace the merchandise onto the arms.
The slatwall arms, prongs and bars can be moved without the need for tools and so it is simply a case of lifting them up off the lip of the slatwall.

The Amount of Space That You Have Available

Slatwall is a slim system as it attaches to the wall and allows you to make the most of the perimeter of your shop. This is the benefit of being able to attach systems directly to your wall. In addition, because you can choose different lengths of prong and arm, you can control the amount of indent your merchandise makes into your shop.

As a result, you can allow plenty of space to place freestanding slatwall displays in the centre parts of your shop. This provides you with large surface areas for displaying your products.


Your Budget

Slatwall panels are a cost-effective wall display system. Panels usually start from around £31 (ex VAT) and are generally cut to standard sizes. Most panels are supplied in either 1200 x 1200 mm or 2400 x 1200 mm.

Although the larger panels may appear more cost effective initially, usually they end up more expensive as the transportation of large panels can be expensive. For this reason, we usually advise that customers purchase the smaller 1200 x 1200 slatwall panels and then simply place them alongside each other. This can be done in such a way that there are no visible seams.

The other consideration, as with all wall systems, is the fittings that go onto the slatwall. These range in price depending on the types of goods that you are looking to display. That said, it is usually possible to gain bulk discounts on most items and the items tend to be relatively in-expensive.

The Look You Prefer For Your Brand

Slatwall is excellent for brand flexibility. You can not only choose the colour of the slatwall panels, but also the inserts. Branded graphic options are also available. In addition, slatwall is a ‘clean’ looking display in that most of it is covered by your merchandise and the parts that do show look neat and tidy.

More Information About Slatwall Wall Display Systems

If slatwall panels sound suitable for your shop, you can find more about them at our Slatwall Information Page. It includes information about how to choose the right sizes and more information about how you would fit slatwall and how to ensure that you have chosen all the right options along the way.

You can visit the slatwall information page here.

Twin Slot (Also Known as Element 32)

Twin slot 2

Your Lease

Twin slot (also known as Element 32) is screwed directly into the wall through screw holes using wall plugs. So, if you are in a listed building, you may not be able to make these modifications.

What You Want to Display

Twin slot is frequently used for clothes displays in store, as well as for a space saving storage system. Twin slot is made from uprights which fix to the wall. Display fixtures and fittings then slot into these uprights. These types of fittings include d-bars which then attach to ball arms and waterfall arms, and different types of shelves.

How Flexible You Need to Be

Much like slatwall, twin slot is a versatile system. You can change the layout of your merchandise by simply moving the fittings around. The fittings can be moved around without the need for tools.

The Amount of Space That You Have Available

Twin slot is a relatively space saving system. But you will need to consider, the spacing of your uprights. You will need to space the uprights at standard distances away from each other if you would like to be able to use standard fittings. You will also need to take into account the comers of your shop as they can be more difficult to merchandise than with wall systems such as wall bays which include internal corners.

Your Budget

Twin slot is a very cost effective system. This is because the fittings are inexpensive and readily available. In addition, uprights start from around just £6. It is worth noting that white uprights tend to be cheaper than chrome twin slot. This is because the powder coating process is cheaper than the chroming.

As uprights usually have over-length charges from couriers, there is usually some added delivery cost. But this system remains a long lasting and highly cost effective option.

The Look You Prefer for Your Brand

Twin slot usually comes in white or chrome, but for large orders it can usually be sprayed a different colour if you require it. Twin slot allows parts of your walls to be visible, depending on how you have merchandised. So you should consider that, unlike slatwall, your walls will need to be painted and attractive before you start mounting the uprights.

More Information About Twin Slot Wall Display Systems

If twin slot sounds suitable for your shop, you can find more about them by visiting our twin slot section or simply give our helpful team a call on 01329 842 000. They will be happy to talk to you about your requirements and to talk you through the process of assembling your new shop layout.

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Tube & Clamp Scaffolding

Your Lease

Tube and clamp looks a lot like a thin, more attractive, version of scaffolding. It has become very popular recently as it makes a great addition to those going for the warehouse-urban look. The tubes are mounted to the walls, ceilings and floors via sockets which are screwed in. After being screwed in, they are then tightened around the tubing using an Allen key.

What You Want to Display

Tube and clamp is most commonly used for clothing but it can also have shelves attached to it. The tubes form the frame on which you can attach bars and arms. However, if you are planning on displaying smaller items you will probably find slatwall or wall bays a more suitable solution.

Tube and clamp

How Flexible You Need to Be

Tube and clamp is versatile in that you can move fittings around your store. But it may not be as suitable for some types of items as slatwall. So, if you intend on displaying multiple types of accessories, you will need to ensure that this can be done on freestanding units elsewhere in your store.

The Amount of Space That You Have Available

Tube and clamp tends to take up more room than systems such as slatwall but this is a trade-off. If you prefer the look of tube and clamp over other displays then you may decide that the slight reduction in floor space is outweighed by the aesthetics.

Your Budget

Tube and clamp is neither cheap nor expensive. It is a middling system cost wise. This is because the tubes tend to come in a chrome finish, which is more expensive than powder coating. In addition, the tubes are usually sold in 3 metre lengths which tend to incur over-length charges from couriers. That said, tube and clamp is a sturdy, long lasting, system and soon pays for itself!

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The Look You Prefer for Your Brand

Many brands prefer the look or tube and clamp wall displays. It is an attractive system that can make a shop feel spacious owing to the light impact it has visually.

More Information About Tube and Clamp Systems

If tube and clamp sounds like the system for you, you can find out more information by visiting the tube and clamp product pages or, contact us and ask us any questions that you might have. We will be happy to help you.

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Wall Bays

Your Lease

If you are not allowed to drill holes into your walls, wall bays are ideal. Wall bays are free standing units that are stood next to the walls. As a result, there is no damage to shop walls while still offering retailers an excellent solution.

What You Want to Display

Wall bays are extremely versatile. This is in part because they offer several different options. You can stack your wall bays with shelves or you can have a slatwall or metal pegboard backboard. This allows you to select the most suitable layout for your products. In addition, peg board and slatwall boards allow you to add or subtract arms and fittings as and when you require.

For these reasons, wall bays are suitable for everything from clothing to hardware.

The Amount of Space That You Have Available

Although there is a small amount of lost space behind the wall bays, this is usually not very much space at all. You will need to consider that the base of these units sticks out into the shop floor. But, many retailers use this base space as extra merchandising space. In addition, you can choose the depth of your unit to you can control how far this lip comes out. Generally speaking, the base does not protrude much more than the arms and hooks that you are using to display your items anyway.

A big benefit of wall bays is that there are internal and external corner options. This allows you to merchandise the corners of your shop so that you don’t lose any merchandising space.


Your Budget

Wall bays are a very robust and long lasting solution. For this reason, they tend to be more expensive than twin slot or slatwall but they are made from metal. This metal tends to wear much better than wooden slatwall and stands the test of time.

In addition, the fittings tend to be relatively inexpensive as the slatwall and pegboard backing boards use the same fittings as standard slatwall and pegboard.

The Look You Prefer for Your Brand

Wall bays are a very smart and elegant solution to merchandising. Headers can be made to put onto the shelves to allow for in store product display branding too.

More Information About Wall Bays

You can visit our retail shelving section or our information page on retail shelving for more information on these systems. In addition, you can call our in-house experts on 01329 842 000.

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