Shop Shelving Information Sheet: What You Need To Know

Gondola With Ends

Shelving Overview

Many retailers find it difficult to know the difference between the various styles of shop shelving that are available. When walking around the supermarket it can be easy to assume that most shelving systems are much a-like. However, there are in fact several different major brands available.

The most commonly used systems have 50 mm pitch. The pitch describes the distance between the centre of one hole to the next on the gondola uprights. There are other systems available with different pitches but generally 50 mm pitch is preferred because it is easier to get hold of replacement parts and gondola accessories such as D bars.

Within the 50 mm systems there is further variation which is in the quality of the system. This quality variation usually presents itself in the form or load bearing capacity, paint quality issues and how well the shelving gondola elements fit together.

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The Display Centre’s Much Loved Shop Shelving Range

At The Display Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of the products that we supply. For this reason, we supply high quality 50 mm pitch shelving that has good weight bearing capabilities and fits together well. In addition, our shelving systems are modular so we can alter the configuration of the shelves and accessories to suit your needs.

For all of these reasons, we are one of the major shelving suppliers to the retail industry. Our customers include some well-known big box brands, as well as many independents.

90 Degree Corner Bay 001

Who Is Our Shelving Suitable For?

Our modular shelving systems can be configured to suit your purposes and your merchandise. As a result, we can help you tailor your systems to your exact requirements.

One example of this is the shelf brackets that are used on your gondola. A standard pair of brackets will hold around 120 kg which for many retailers will be perfectly adequate. However, if you wish to present large bags of pet food or heavy machinery, you would benefit from heavy duty brackets that can support up to 230 kg brackets.

Our gondolas aren’t just limited to shelves though. If you wish to also be able to display clothes or smaller items, we can fit your shelving unit with a backboard that is made from perforated peg board or slatwall. We can even supply you with D-bars and arms.

For all these reasons, our shop shelving is suitable for use by all types of retailers from supermarkets to hardware shops and from garden centres to pharmacies and pet shops.

Double Sided Gondola
Double Sided Gondola
Single Sided Wall Bay
Single Sided Wall Bay

What Sizes Are Available?

There are more sizes than can be listed here. But as a guide the upright heights range from 1200 mm to 3000 mm. The shelving widths vary from 500 mm to 1250 mm. The shelves and base depths vary from between 200 mm up to 770 mm. In addition, the shelves can be sat straight or slanted. This can save retailers a great deal of time as slanted shelves provide a ‘self-merchandising’ unit which allows staff to engage in other activities.

Generally, we recommend that any wall bay over 2.2 metres high should have a wall fixing bracket.

We have several standard bays mocked up on our website which you can take a look at. But the simplest way to get help with this is to talk to one of our Display Experts. Contact us and request a call back or call straight through to us by dialling 01329 842 000.

What Back Panels Are Available?

A variety of back panels are available including plain panels, perforated peg board panels and slatted panels (otherwise known as slatwall).

What Colours are Available?

Silver and Jura White are our standard shelving colours but we do offer a spraying service on request. In addition, our plinth and ticket moulding colours include Jura white, silver, red, black, dark grey, blue, green or transparent.

Shelf Colours
Shelf Colours
Plinth and ticket edge colours
Plinth and ticket edge colours

What Accessories Are Available?

There is an enormous range of accessories. They vary from newspaper bays to crisp bays and from fruit and vegetable boxes to back bars and D rails.

Contact us and let us know the types of merchandise that you sell and we will be able to recommend the items that you need. Call us today on 01329 842 000 or email us.

How Should I Lay Out My Shop Shelving?

This will depend largely on the size of the area that you have and the types of merchandise that you sell. Usually a gondola shelving unit refers to one of the shelving aisles that is in the centre of a shop floor. Wall bays usually describe the shelving that is used around the perimeter of the shop, against the walls.

As part of our range we have internal and external corner bays which allow you to make the most of your merchandising space. Even the corners of your shop can be merchandised to help you make money from every bit of your floor space.

Our experts are able to help you decide on the layout of your shelving. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. Call us on 01329 842 000 and we will help you get started on your project.

CEF Birmingham scaled

How Do I Install The Bays?

Bay installation is relatively simple and can be done by you and another member of staff. Alternatively, for big builds, some members of our team may be able to assist you for a build fee.

If you have any queries about this at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Do I Order?

If you are looking for standard shop shelving, you can order one of our configurations straight from our website. However, most retailers prefer to talk to us first so that we can help you find the right sizes and configurations for your shop space and for your merchandise.

We aim to get back to our customers as quickly as possible which is usually a matter of minutes during our opening hours. Or if you’re wanting to get your project started right away, please call us so we can get going. Call us on 01329 842 000 now.

Handy Hints

Here are a few handy hints from our shelving expert:

  • The finished height of a unit is around 4 cm higher than the listed length when it is installed. This is because the units are supplied with levelling feet that add a little extra height during the build.
  • Ideally your minimum aisle widths should be 91.5 cm (36”) so that wheel chair users have access to your shop.
  • Dark coloured kick plinths are usually the best way to go because they prevent scuffs and dirt showing. This is particularly useful if you are thinking or installing Jura White shelving.
  • It is usually best to have a slightly larger base shelf than the other shelves as it makes it easier for customers to see your products.
  • We have heaps of merchandising gondola tips in our article How To Merchandise Shop Shelving
  • If you’re worried about something, please just ask us! We like to help retailers make their shop look their very best. Contact us