5 Leisure Centre Retail Display Tips

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5 Leisure Centre Retail Display Tips

Paul Wyeth, Senior Account Manager At The Display Centre

Leisure centres can benefit from the additional revenue that comes from selling goods to their visitors. The average leisure centre attendances are over 100,000 per year and the typical customer spend is £2.49. Once the cost of admission is deducted from this, it is an average of just 20 p that is spent by each visitor. By merchandising a leisure centre retail display with appropriate products and in an attractive way, leisure centres can increase the amount of spend.

While many leisure centres offer goggles and swimming caps, the opportunity extends beyond this. The product mix should ideally be based on the demographics of the visitors. But often items like shampoo, shower gel, water bottles, headphones and protein drinks make excellent up-sells. In addition, for leisure centres that attract a lot of families, small toys that can be used in a swimming pool are an excellent idea.

To make the most of your excellent product mix it is essential that your to get the leisure centre retail display right. Many swimwear and sportswear brands supply the shop fittings with the products. These tips will be useful for both those merchandising a leisure centre and by the brands that populate leisure centres directly.

About Paul Wyeth

To get the very best tips for you, we had a conversation with one of our display experts, Paul Wyeth. Paul is a senior account manager at The Display Centre. He manages accounts such as Zoggs, Bannatyne and Speedo. Paul has in-depth experience creating bespoke displays that reflect the brand of many companies. Here are his 5 top leisure centre retail display tips.

A Display Expert's 5 Top Leisure Centre Retail Display Tips:

1) Avoid Chrome

“I usually recommend that my clients avoid using chrome fittings in centres that have swimming pools. This is because the water and chlorine eventually starts to make the fittings rust. So although chrome fittings can be used, they have to be replaced often and are not the best value for money option.”

Chrome fittings are often chrome plated. So although chrome is usually a relatively rust resistant material, the joints on waterfall arms and where the arms connect to the display fixture tend to react badly. Powder coated fixtures are resistant to peeling and chipping. As a result, the fittings underneath are less likely to become exposed. The powder coating is more effective than paint because of the way that it is applied. In addition, a powder coating allows you to choose colours that match your brand and that make your products looks their best.

2) Keep It Open Plan

“A leisure centre retail display should aim to be open plan. This is because it allows customers to directly see the products on offer. Part of a leisure centre’s strategy has to be to capture visitors on their way into the facilities. As a result, it is vital that they can see the products on offer.”

By restricting the height of wall bays to 1.2 metres, it is easier to ensure that products can be reached by customers. In addition, if you are going to add displays that aren’t open plan to capitalise on space, it decreases the likelihood of shoplifting.

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3) Impulse, Impulse, Impulse

“Because of the nature of a leisure centre’s sales, having the right impulse products, displayed in the right way is crucial. Unfortunately, if you have really useful items, like shampoos and shower gels but they aren’t quickly visible; customers will not search for it. So to make the most of your space and to really increase secondary spend revenue it is crucial that your display systems are tidy and clear.

For many types of retail impulse purchases form a large part of overall revenue generation. Impulse purchases are common, particularly when shoppers are feeling excited. On average shoppers make 3 unplanned purchases during 40% of their shop visits. The likelihood is increased by 44% if the shopper arrived by car.

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4) Support Your Brand

“If you’re a brand that sells into leisure centres, it is important that your brand stands out. Often leisure centres stock more than one brand of swimwear and it is important that the benefits of your product clearly stand out. In addition, it is important that the style of the display supports your brand values and integrates well with your other marketing communications.”

As with all types of retail, the way that items are presented to a shopper has a direct effect on their likelihood to buy.

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5) Keep Stock Topped Up

“Keep your stock topped up to ensure that visitors are drawn to look at the items that you have. Unfortunately when shelves and arms look bare, customers are less likely to make a purchase.”

Staying on top of stock control can be tricky for leisure centres. But it does have a direct effect on sales. An under-stocked shelf can look as though items are faulty or like they are not worth their full value. Keep your displays filled to encourage visitors to browse what you have.

With over 4,000 display products on offer, as well as bespoke items, we can help. It’s not just leisure centre displays either. We cater to all types of retail and many types of business.

To talk to Paul, or any of our other retail display experts, call us on 01329 842 000. Alternatively, you can also contact us through the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.