Wooden Clamp Hangers for Trousers & Skirts (300 mm)


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The Display Centre supply a range of wooden hangers, including these wooden clamp hangers for trousers and skirts. These wooden clamp hangers are a stylish way to merchandise trousers.

With a chrome and wooden finish, these hangers also have a red material lining to the clamp. This helps to increase the clamps’ grip on the trousers, while also providing a very smart finish. Much like a beautiful suit lining, the red clamp lining is hidden unless the hanger is opened. It helps to add a flourish as the customer removes the trousers from the hanger to try on, or take home.

The clamps have a good tension on the release to ensure that they are neither difficult, nor easy to un-clamp by accident. Although the clamp mechanism is attached to the hook, these wooden clamp hangers have been carefully designed so that the hook can still be rotated. Often clamp hangers do not have this rotatable hook, which can make hanging new stock lines laborious for retail staff. However, with these wooden clamp hangers there is no such problem.

Wooden Clamp Hangers

  • 300 mm wide, ideal for hanging trousers
  • Strong clamps
  • Smart wooden and chrome finish
  • Red material lining to the clamp, providing an extra flourish
  • Branding available
  • Fully rotating hook, unlike many clamp hanger designs

The Display Centre supply many wooden hangers for shirts, suits and tops that complement these trouser hangers. You can find these in our wooden hanger section.

The Display Centre supply a wide range of hangers. The range includes a multitude of options that provide benefits that will suit your needs. This includes non-slip options and space saving hangers. A variety of accessory hangers are also available.

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