Hanger Connectors 100 mm (4″)

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These black hanger connectors are ideal for retailers who would like to be able to display sets of clothing together. The top of the connector simply slides over the hook of the first hanger. The second coat hanger hooks through the lower part of the hanger connectors. Retailers find these extremely useful for displaying pairs of t-shirts together or a t-shirt and the trousers to go with it. For this reason, these connectors are a quick and easy way for retailers to encourage an up sell.

In addition, these hanger connectors are valued for their practical purposes too. by holding two hangers together, they make it easier for retailers to attach garments of similar sizes to each other. They can also increase conversion rates in matching sets as both items can be seen by the customer clearly. Unlike double clothes hangers which simply hang one directly in front of the other, which often results in customers knocking clothes onto the floor while trying to get to the second item.

Easy to use and cost effective, these hanger connectors are an excellent tool for retail displays. They are sold individually to allow you to choose the number that best suits you. however, it is worth bearing in mind that there are bulk discounts available. For 100+ clothes hanger connectors you will receive a 5% discount and for over 300 you will receive a 10% discount. The website will work this out for you automatically when you reach the checkout.

Each hanger connector is 100 mm long (4″).

Hanger Connectors 100 mm (4″)

  • Easily connect hangers together
  • Help retailers to up-sell
  • Make better displays with these easy to use and simple connectors
  • Black so as not to distract from your clothing or displays
  • 100 mm (4″) long
  • Bulk discounts

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