Clear Plastic Lingerie Hangers (240 mm)

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Clear plastic lingerie hangers are one of the best ways to display lingerie. This is because clear hangers ensure that your lingerie designs are not being upstaged or detracted from, by the hangers that they are presented on. In addition, these clear plastic lingerie hangers have three types of grip at the end of each shoulder.

The three grip types make these clear plastic lingerie hangers more versatile as they can be used to display underwear sets or just one item. There are two clips that are designed to hold bra straps. The third clip holds the waist band of pants.

Display lingerie quickly and easily with these hangers. Each hanger measures 240 mm from shoulder to shoulder. This makes it easy to display underwear in an attractive way with ease.

Prices start at just 36 pence a hanger. In addition, you can save money by purchasing these lingerie hangers in bulk. When you buy 100 hangers or more you will receive a 5% discount. Even better, when you buy 300 or more hangers, you will receive a 10% discount. These cost effective economy lingerie hangers become even more cost effective when you purchase the in bulk. In addition, you can make savings on carriage when you spend over £25. Even better, spend £250 and get your carriage completely free.

Clear Plastic Lingerie Hangers

  •  Clear plastic ensures that your hangers do not detract from your lingerie designs
  • Cost effective hangers that are made even more so when you buy in bulk
  • Easy to use with 3 different clips at each end
  • Suitable for hanging both bras and pants, at the same time or individually
  • Quick and easy way to merchandise lingerie beautifully
  • Contribute to light and and airy looking displays
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Get them branded on request – Call 01329 842 000

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