Adjustable Plastic Trouser Hangers / Skirt Hangers

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These adjustable plastic trouser hangers are black and are supplied with two pegs. As a result, these hangers are also often referred to as “clippy hangers” or peg hangers. It is these pegs that make them suitable for use as trouser or skirt hangers. The two black peg clips can be slid along the straight part of the hanger to adjust to the width that is required for your garment.

These black plastic trouser hangers are supplied in two different widths. Choose the width of hangers that you need. The width dimension relates to the length of the straight part of the hanger. Choose between 260 mm and 330 mm wide hangers.

These trouser hangers are already a cost effective solution for both retailers and for use in the home. But, to reduce the cost even further, consider buying more that 100 for a 5% discount. Or even better, purchase more than 300 for a 10% discount. There is also a break in the price of carriage when you spend over £25 and even free carriage when you spend £250.

Adjustable Black Plastic Trouser Hangers

  • Choose the width you need
  • Choose between 260 mm and 330 mm wide hangers
  • Adjustable plastic pegs that slid along the width of the hanger
  • Suitable for hanging trousers and skirts
  • Purchase in bulk to make savings
  • Perfect for retailers or for use in the home
  • Cost-effective

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