Rounded Plastic Hangers (420 mm) | Different Colours

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These rounded plastic hangers are ideal for retail and are particularly popular with outdoor shops. They are used in many gardening centre, hunting shops, motorbike shops and farm shops. They are popular because they are robust and come in several colours. This makes it easy for retailers to choose a colour that will suit their store environment.

These rounded plastic hangers are shaped this way as it helps to make them so robust. They have indents in the top bar that are designed to hold garment strings. This prevents clothes falling on the floor so easily. In addition these hangers have a centre bar. Consequently, these rounded plastic hangers are versatile as they can be used to hang anything from trousers to coats.

These rounded plastic hangers are 420 mm from shoulder to shoulder. This is the average width for a hanger and it is a suitable width for hanging both men’s and women’s clothes. This makes it easy for retailers to purchase one range of clothes hangers that will suit all of their clothes.

In addition to this versatility, these hangers have the added benefit of a range of colour choices. Choose between grey, black, blue and green plastic hangers for your store.

The green rounded plastic hangers are the most popular and we supply them to several large garden centres. They are popular because their colour makes them ideal for camouflaging into displays and allowing the merchandise to stand out.

Rounded Plastic Hangers | Range Of Colours

  • Ideal for retailers
  • Perfect for retailers selling outdoor wear
  • Robust, but attractive clothes hangers
  • Qualify for bulk discounts when you buy 120+ hangers
  • Garment string notches and a centre bar for versatility
  • Suitable for men’s and women’s clothing

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