White Hanger Connectors

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These white hanger connectors are used to attach two clothes hangers. The top of the hanger connector grip slides over the hook of the first hanger and the second hanger can then be hung from the bottom of it.  made from plastic. In addition to these white hanger connectors, we also supply black hanger connectors which are thinner.  Despite being a different shape, they actually work in a very similar way.

By using hanger connectors, you can merchandise suggested outfits more easily. For example, you could attach some trousers to the top that they are matched with in one of your in-store displays. In addition, they can be useful for storing clothes in the stock room. They make it easy to hold clothing combinations together that you wish to use for your upcoming in-store display. Even better, they can be used to help you drive 2 for 1 sales. By attaching items such as t-shirts together, you can encourage customers to buy multiple items.

These white hanger connectors are sold separately so that you can purchase the numbers that you require without worrying about box quantities. However, it is worth remembering that you can save money by buying in bulk. When you purchase 100 white hanger connectors you will receive a 5% discount. Purchase over 300 to receive a 10% discount. In addition, you can make savings on carriage by spending over £25 or you can even qualify for free carriage when you spend over £250.

White Hanger Connectors

  • Easy to use
  • Encourage up-sells
  • Keep outfits together & drive sales
  • Useful merchandising tool
  • Black hanger connectors also available

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