Black Straight Dress Hangers (430 mm)

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These dress hangers are made from black plastic. They are ideal for displaying clothes in a retail store or for hanging garments in a wardrobe at home. These dress hangers are made from plastic that is bent into a u-shape. This means that when you turn the hanger upside down you can see how the plastic has been folded. The plastic is bent into a u-shape in this way to add rigidity to the hanger.

At the end of each hanger shoulder there is a notch which is designed for holding garment strings. These dress hangers are elegantly shaped. It is the combination of the elegant shape and the notches that make these hangers ideal for dresses. In addition, they are also suited to hanging t-shirts.

Each dress hanger is 430 mm from shoulder to shoulder. The average width for hanger is around 420 mm. These are slightly wider as their gentle slope in the shoulders allows them to be slightly wider. Consequently, the extra width ensures that the shoulders of dresses are filled properly. In addition, it makes them more versatile as they can also be used to display men’s or women’s t-shirts.

These dress hangers are a cost-effective and attractive way to merchandise dresses. They are just 20 pence a hanger when you purchase fewer than 100. When you purchase more than 100 you qualify for a 5% discount. When you purchase 300 you qualify for a 10% bulk discount. These bulk discounts make these already cost-effective hangers, an even better offer for retailers.

Black Straight Dress Hangers

  • 430 mm from shoulder to shoulder
  • Elegantly shaped
  • Notches in the shoulders to make hanging garments with strings easy
  • Plain black plastic
  • The plastic has a U-shaped structure for added strength

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