Black Plastic Wishbone Hangers (420 mm)

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These black plastic wishbone hangers are made from plastic which is made rigid through the hanger’s shape and structure. Consequently, these are very strong plastic hangers.

The shape of the top bar makes these hangers suited to holding everything from t-shirts to coats and jackets. The broad shoulders fill the shoulders of garments to ensure they hang properly. In addition, there are hooks on the centre bar which can be used to secure garment strings. The centre bar not only adds to the structural rigidity of the hanger, it also provides somewhere to place trousers.

The shape of these black plastic wishbone hangers makes them versatile and suited to a hanging a range of garments.

These hangers are highly cost-effective at just 38 pence each. However, they can be made even cheaper when you qualify for bulk discounts. To qualify for 5% discount, simply purchase 100 or more hangers. To qualify for a 10% discount, purchase 300 hangers or more.

The Display Centre can also brand these hangers for you with your company logo. If this is something you would like to do, talk to our experts. They will walk you through the simple process and create your hangers for you. Call 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

Black Plastic Wishbone Hangers

  • 420 mm from shoulder to shoulder
  • Shaped top bar to fill clothes properly
  • Appropriate for jackets and coats
  • Centre bar with garment string notches to help keep clothes in place
  • Strong structure
  • Bulk discounts
  • Brand them with your logo by contacting one of our experts

The Display Centre specialise in shop supplies and retail equipment. Clothes hangers are among one of many items that we supply. In addition, we have everything from mannequins to clothes rails and from warehouse racking to POS pricing tickets. our experts also create bespoke items and brand retail equipment.

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