10 Reasons Letter Boards Rock

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10 Reasons Letter Boards Rock

10 Reasons Letter Boards Rock

Our peg letter board beauties are taking the world by storm. Shops, cinemas, cafes, bars & restaurants are all falling in love, and so are their customers.

Here are 10 quick fire reasons why retailers and business owners are falling in love with letter boards:

1. No Artistic Skills Required

The days of having to re-write your chalkboard are gone. No more smudging of chalk, or powdery clothes; pick the letters you want and pop them in. No fine artistry is required when these bad boys are on the scene.

2. Those Retro Feels

Retailers and business owners are drawn to these letter boards because they make adding some extra style to your space absolutely effortless. In addition, they attract a lot of customer attention.

3. Perfectionist Friendly Letter Boards

There are no concerns about letters being slightly different sizes or e’s that are different shapes. All the letters are uniform and ready to go. In addition, there are a whole range of letters for letter boards to choose from. Our range goes from 13 mm letters all the way up to 51 mm. In addition, our assorted packs come with both yellow and white letters. As a result, the perfectionists among us can make incredibly neat displays with perfect headers and titles to sell your products.


Letter Boards Hospitality Display From Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party Rocking One of Our Boards

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4. Go Big Or… Just Go Small

There are a number of sizes to go for, so whether you need a bigg’un or a littl’un there’s something to help you drive your sales. Our little colour letter boards are ideal for standing on a counter or even for making mini reservation signs or holding quotes. They’re quirky and colourful, and most of all, they will not be ignored!

If you need a menu board, then a bigg’un is probably preferable. There are a bunch to choose from including narrow ones and wide ones. They all have their own black frames and fittings on the back of the boards, ready to hang up.

5. Make Your Own

If you want the perfect size and shape for you, you can always make your own from our letter board tiles and clips. The letter board tiles simply clip together to make your ideal board.


Tiles For Making Letter Boards

Simply Clip Separate Letter Board Tiles Together To Make Your Own


6. Red and Yellow and Pink and Blue…

Our coloured frame changeable letter boards come in a range of colours including yellow, white, blue, purple, pink and red. So whether you want to change your colour with the seasons, or to have some colours that match your brand, you can find a coloured frame letter board to suit you. These are particularly popular with pop up shops as they can inject some colour and fun quickly and easily.

7. All Change

Want to change your prices? Run out of something? Just pull out the letters that you need to. They simply pop in and out of the boards, so if it’s time for a shake up – there’s no panic!


Boston Tea Party Cafe Letter Board

Another Boston Tea Party Letter Board Display!

8. Stay

Letter boards do their job day in and day out and don’t get tired. They are made from black plastic which is easy to look after and stays in place. Unlike printed promotions, you’re not going to have to worry about it looking worn out or no longer fitting with your branding. They’re one of those classic, simple and effective solutions that endure the test of time.

9. Versatile

Letter boards are perfect for such a wide range of informative displays. This partly owing to their simplicity. So whether you are a retailer, hospitality business owner, restaurant, B&B or simply a fashion lover, there is a board to suit your purposes.

10. Silent Salesman

The cheapest employee you’ll ever hire. Letter boards can sign your praises and attract customer attention without any more than the initial investment!


10 Reasons Letter Boards Rock


The Display Centre specialise in shop fittings, hospitality equipment and displays. Letter boards are just one of our many items that are designed to make your life easier and your business happier. Sell more with great displays.

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