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Letter Boards

Get your message across in style with our unique selection of changeable peg letter boards.  Our customers love them for shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, but also for wedding signage, social media posts, office décor, family announcements, baby showers, home décor… and of course wifi code displays.

So whether you’re planning on using a letter board as a menu board, kitchen display, high break board, or as a point of sale piece for a window display, we can help you.

You can shop our black letter boards online, but if you’re after a more bespoke wooden letter board then don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can source these for you too.

Our boards come with a range of letter board letters and characters, making it easy for you to change your display in minutes, with no artistic talent required! If you need extra letters we supply top-up letter board letter packs too, in white, yellow and red, but also social media and currency sets too.

You can also check out how other customers are using letter boards in our recent blog post ’10 Reasons Letter Boards Are So Popular’.

Please note, these are for internal use only as they can be affected by long term outside temperature extremities and UV bleaching.

Want more information on our letter boards? Why not make our day, by asking for our help or advice.  You can call our Display Experts any time on 01329 842 000