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How to Choose the Right Price Cubes for Your Shop

There are three main considerations;

Style –

This decision should be based on the product that you’re trying to complement, the customers that you have (can they read it?), your brand and also your/your manager’s preferences. The main choices are between a modern font or a retro one. The modern font is a Nouvelle style, the retro font is a Retro style cube.

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3 Tips | How To Attract New Retail Customers

There are many ways to attract new retail customers. Whether you are a high street retailer or a destination retailer, there are a few simple things you can do to help you attract new customers. These 3 quick-read tips are designed to be applicable to a range of different retail types.

Vertical Merchandising

How To Merchandise Retail Shelving

The highest converting position on a shelf is between the height of a customer’s head and hands. Ideally, the main products should be merchandised between 0.5 metres and 1.6 metres above the floor. Unless you are targeting children, in which case the ideal height is between 0.3 and 0.9 metres. You will notice that many supermarkets use this trick for the sweets and then place the larger chocolate bars higher up. This is because they are trying to attract children’s attention to the sweets. This then encourages the children to sell the sweets to their parents.

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10 Reasons Letter Boards Are So Popular

Our peg letter board beauties are taking the world by storm. Shops, cinemas, cafes, bars & restaurants are all falling in love, and so are their customers.

Here are 10 quick fire reasons why retailers and business owners are falling in love with letter boards:

1. No Artistic Skills Required

The days of having to re-write your chalkboard are gone. No more smudging of chalk, or powdery clothes; pick the letters you want and pop them in. No fine artistry is required when these bad boys are on the scene.

2. Those Retro Feels

Retailers and business owners are drawn to these letter boards because they make adding some extra style to your space absolutely effortless. In addition, they attract a lot of customer attention.

3. Perfectionist Friendly

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How To Make A Small Shop Look Bigger

A small shop can sometimes be difficult to merchandise effectively. There are some small things that you can do to help your store seem larger than it is. Through careful merchandising and display layout, you can not only make your small shop look bigger, you can also help to drive your sales.

Here are our tips on how to make your small shop look bigger by using clever illusions:

1) Accent Walls & Neutral

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Why High Street Shops Are Here to Stay

It’s the end! We are always reading that high street shops dying and that only online stores can survive. There is no doubt that online stores have had a huge impact on brick and mortar, and that they have forever changed the retail landscape. But it isn’t all doom and gloom and there is no need for retailers to run to the hills. Times are not as dark as our sensationalised media friends sometimes like to portray. For example, TimeTrade found that 85% of consumers prefer physical stores to online shopping. Customers like to feel and see what they are buying. Particularly if it’s something exciting and they want it now.

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5 Reasons Pop Up Shops Rock

It is undeniable that the high street landscape has changed. During the recession, retail took a huge hit and many units were abandoned. The high street began to look quite barren and caused a lot of professionals some concern. But, the rise in the number of empty units created a fantastic opportunity for pop up shops. Before long pop up stores began to fill the empty units and helped to breathe life back into empty units. They have created an exciting and interesting shopping environment for customers again.

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How To Get The Best From Your Shop Design

Shop design can make the difference between a great sales day and a bad sales day. A shop design that is going to drive your sales requires planning, maintenance and an understanding of your customers’ pains and desires. At the end of the day, your customers are your target and if they aren’t falling in love with your store and purchasing, there is a problem.

Here are 3 quick-read tips to help you optimise your shop design:


3 Hospitality Display Tips

We know that your hospitality displays have a direct effect on your customers’ satisfaction. We understand because customer service is at the heart of our business, and at the heart of yours.

Here are our top 3 tips for building atmosphere, inspiring customer loyalty and creating a phenomenal hospitality display:

1: Comfort

In psychology the ‘road map’ for the conversations that take place when ordering food, or collecting room keys, is called a schema. A schema is the almost scripted interaction that takes place; it is the way everyone knows the basic outline of how those conversations are going to go (but hopefully with some extra humour injected!). Everyone knows that these conversations are key to how a hospitality business is perceived.

Customers can fall in love with a business purely on the basis of how great their staff are. So what’s this got to do with design?


How To Use Retail Design to Fight Off The Online Competition

Stores are changing and adapting to new consumer expectations. They’re being propelled by the internet of all things towards an era where the customer’s power is greater than that of the brand. Customers are choosing their stores according to their experience and the product is becoming less relevant. To add to this,consumers now view products an average of 8 times before making a purchase.The internet of all things brings some shiny, brilliant, scary and daunting prospects.

What does this mean for the highstreet? Millenials have a short attention span and little patience. Gone are the days where shoppers were forced to find items on the high-street. Now retailers are haunted by the phrase “I’ll just look online”.

What do we do about this? We invent.

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5 Ways To Increase Retail Sales

Visual merchandising is often called “the silent salesperson”, it is the subliminal factor that increases store traffic and sales (Mathew). The current retail environment is making it progressively more important for retailers to establish how their visual merchandising is being perceived by customers. If it strikes the wrong note, it can detract from the store and leave customers feeling overwhelmed or severely irritated (Cant & Hefer).
The Display Centre have composed 5 tips to help keep your consumers engaged and increase your sales:

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4 Experiential Marketing Tips For Retail

You may not have heard of the new kid on the block, experiential marketing. The advent of the internet has brought with it increased consumer power. Customers are no longer vessels on which brands can push continuous messages. They’re now part of the conversation. Consumers expect to be a part of the brand, they expect to be engaged emotionally and more than anything they need you to love them back. If your store isn’t including your customers in the experience and feel of your store, you’re seriously missing a trick. This is where a few leaves from the experiential marketers’ book can help you.