3 Hospitality Display Tips

Letter Boards Hospitality Display From Boston Tea Party

There are many things that drive your business’s sales and inspire the loyalty of your customers. One of the main factors besides your service, is the way your space looks and its finishing touches.

Here are our 3 top display tips from The Display Centre experts.

1: Draw them in

Before you can show off your beautiful space, gorgeous food and wonderful service, you have to give your customers a reason to come inside. There are many ways to do this with displays and there are different methods for different establishments depending on the style and atmosphere that the proprietor wishes to create.

For many a simple chalkboard A-board or a letter board in a window may be all that’s needed. For others something more imaginative may be required such as a light box. These light boxes can be used as reservation signs on tables close to the front window. The light and atmospheric cinematic style creates a really interesting and easy way to draw customers in.

2: Comfort

Customers find comfort in loosely knowing what to expect which is a good reason to keep your atmosphere and theme consistent throughout. But consistency shouldn’t be boring though (see Tip 3). The underlying principles of your display formation provide comfort while the trimmings inspire loyalty. Your customers are likely to know whether to expect a bar or a reception desk, they will also more than likely have deduced that somewhere you will have toilet facilities. However, you can add to the comfort that comes from consistency, you can further help your customers by sign posting their way around the highlights of their visit.

No one likes to wander around a crowded room in search of the facilities. Comfort your visitors by clearly sign posting where things are and telling them how things work. These signs should neither be too prominent nor too subtle. They also don’t have to be boring. Explore our leaflet holder, menu holder and letter board ranges for some ideas.

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3: Innovate

It’s the delicate balance that every hospitality business has encountered at some point. It is taking the underlying comforting base and injecting personality with extra details. This innovation requires a little care so as to avoid creating a space that is too cluttered, cliché or gimmicky. With a little finesse, innovation and quirk, your hospitality space can inspire your customers’ loyalty. The smaller touches that are unusual and unique to your space, can be the ones that cement your business’s name into your customers’ “must visit” list.

For over 26 years our team of experts have been providing high quality display equipment to the hospitality industry. We work closely with you to identify the display items you need to drive your sales. Whether you need something off-the-shelf, or a bespoke design, our Display Experts can help.

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