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For over 26 years, our dedicated team of experts has been providing high-quality display equipment products for businesses in many different industries. We work closely with you to identify the shopfitting supplies you need, whenever you need them.

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Whether you need replacement clothes hangers or a full shop window display complete with mannequins and rotating manual turntables, our fashion display products will show off your items in the best possible light.



We provide the supplies to outfit your store with the look you want. With our large range of well-built store and shop fittings, we can help you catch the eye of your customers.



All our store furniture is designed in the UK and delivered to you prebuilt, meaning you don’t have to struggle with flat pack instructions. Whether you need gondolas, shop counters, or storage cupboards, we’ve got you covered.


Display Systems

As the key to any retail stores success, display systems are important to get right. We stock a wide selection of different shelving, glass display boxes, and much more.



From labels and stickers to tickets, price cubes, and tagging guns, we’ll provide you with a range of well-designed and affordable products to help you advertise your prices properly.



We have fantastic offers on a number of essential display products. These are the products almost every business will need, so make sure to check out our range.

Bespoke display equipment supplies tailored to meet your needs.

We provide a personal and informed service that’s specific to your business. Whether you’re looking to brand an existing item or create a fitting from scratch, we can create bespoke shopfitting and display equipment with very low or no minimum order quantities. Our phenomenal bespoke display equipment services have even been used by many large retailers including Superdry, F&F, Tesco, Hugo Boss, and Paperchase.

We’ve got it covered



We make buying and delivering shop displays quick and easy, whether it’s shopping counters, display shelving, or mannequins, we can help your store get the look you want as quickly as possible.

The majority of our items are available with next day UK delivery at no extra cost, and we’ll aim to have your order processed within one or two days.



We sell shopfitting equipment directly to you from our main store in Fareham, helping your business get the display equipment it needs for the best price. Our staff are dedicated to giving you the advice you need for your specific business, and we can help you find the best display and shopfitting equipment that works for your store.



Our dedicated team have fulfilled orders from both small businesses and large retail store chains, and we’ve helped both get the display equipment they need. We have no minimum order quantities, and a dedication to fast or next day delivery. Whether you need a single item, or thousands of them, we can help.

Pop Up Shops

5 Reasons Pop Up Shops Rock

It is undeniable that the high street landscape has changed. During the recession, retail took a huge hit and many units were abandoned. The high street began to look quite barren and caused a lot of professionals some concern. But, the rise in the number of empty units created a fantastic opportunity for pop up shops. Before long pop up stores began to fill the empty units and helped to breathe life back into empty units. They have created an exciting and interesting shopping environment for customers again.
Cosmetic Store Design

How To Get The Best From Your Shop Design

Shop design can make the difference between a great sales day and a bad sales day. A shop design that is going to drive your sales requires planning, maintenance and an understanding of your customers' pains and desires. At the end of the day, your customers are your target and if they aren't falling in love with your store and purchasing, there is a problem.Here are 3 quick-read tips to help you optimise your shop design: