Perforated Stock Control Tickets (Box 1000)

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These perforated stock control tickets are available in a number of colours. Their classic design is very popular with many types of retail. This is because they are such a simple solution to a common problem that is experienced by a number of retailers. In particular, many charity retail shops and vintage clothing shops use these at it helps them to track one off items more easily.

Choose from black, white, pink, blue, green and yellow tickets. Many retailers opt for more than one colour as it helps them to colour code certain items in their shop.

The centre of each of these labels is perforated. So, the labels in the images actually split into two labels. As a result, they are easy to store and are a very cost-effective and efficient way to create stock control labels. Each individual perforated ticket is 41 x 63 mm in size.

Perforated Stock Control Tickets (Box 1000)

  • Choose from pink, blue, black, white, green and yellow tickets
  • Another design of these stock control tickets is available
  • This is a classic stock control ticket design that is particularly popular with retailers selling vintage clothing#
  • Sold in boxes of 1000
  • Each ticket measures 41 x 63 mm
  • The tickets are stored in twos within their box, these have a perforated centre
  • Easy, cost-effective and simple solution to stock control
  • A simple solution to a common problem
  • Particularly helpful for retailers trying to track many items where they only have one or two of each line in stock
  • Purchase more than one colour to help you colour code your stock

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