Special Offer Promotional Tickets

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PRICE: From £1.93 Excl. VAT



These special offer promotional tickets are perfect for retailers that would like to run an attention grabbing sale promotion. These tickets are printed with an easy-to-read font and a bright sale red background. They are laid out in the was and now format.

These tickets are available in 6 different sizes and are sold in packs of 10. In addition, there are bulk discounts available on these items. Get 10% discount when you purchase 10 to 25 packs of these tickets. Even better, you can receive a huge 15% discount when you purchase 25 packs or more. As a result, it is often most cost-effective to purchase these in bulk. Even if you aren’t convinced that you will use all of the POS tickets in your current sale, you are likely to want to use them again in the future.

Special Offer Promotional Tickets

  • Choose between 6 different sizes of promotional ticket
  • Laid out in the classic was/now format
  • Easy-to-read font with the classic sale red background colour
  • Bright and attention grabbing, perfect for attracting customers to sale products
  • Bulk discounts available

These are one of our many styles of POS promotional tickets for retail. For help or information about any of our products, contact us. Call us today on 01329 842 000 or email us.

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