Classic Female Tailors’ Dummy 91.5cm Bust


PRICE: £52.95 Excl. VAT


Create a beautiful display with this classic female tailors dummy. This female tailors dummy has a body that is made from polystyrene. This body has then been covered in a natural jersey fabric. As a result, this dummy is robust to tailoring activities and is also suitable for creating attractive retail displays.

This classic female tailors dummy has a retro look that helps to create a more eye catching window display or in-store display than a standard mannequin. In addition, she has an adjustable base which is useful should you wish to adjust the height of your dummy or to combine more than one to create a multi-level display.

Classic Female Tailors Dummy

  • Suitable for creating attractive window displays and for tailoring activities
  • Retro look to add to the atmosphere of a shop
  • Create eye catching window displays that stand out from standard mannequin shapes
  • Adjustable wooden base that can be moved between 154 and 182 cm
  • 91.5 cm (36″) bust, 66 cm (26″) waist and 90 cm (35″) hips

This classic dummy is suitable for displaying skirts and dresses as well as t-shirts and shirts. As the for is extended slightly beyond the hip bone, the form fills different types of clothes elegantly.

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