Small Metal Earring Holder (9 Cm)


PRICE: £2.96 Excl. VAT


This is a small metal earring holder which has a copper finish. It is 9 cm tall and has a ‘mustache’ shape. It is particularly effective for displaying pendant and long drop earrings.

The simple design of this single earring holder ensures that customers are looking at your jewellery, rather than  fixating on the display. There are 2 other sizes of metal earring holder which complement this smaller one. Choose the size that suits your display or, alternatively, you can select a a set of 3. The set of 3 is the easiest way to create beautiful displays that make use of multi-level display advantages

Small Metal Earring Holder (9 Cm)

  • Simple, elegant style
  • Copper finish
  • 9 cm tall earring stand
  • Ideal for pendant and long drop earring styles
  • Other sizes can be purchased
  • Purchase individually or in a set of 3

This small metal pendant display is one of our many different earring and jewellery displays. In addition to these displays, you may also like to explore our jewellery cabinet and jewellery price cube ranges.

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