Set of 3 Metal Earring Holders


PRICE: £8.08 Excl. VAT


This is a set of 3 metal earring holders which come in different heights. Choose this set of three and enjoy a discounted price, or purchase particular sizes individually. This set comprises of one small metal holder (9 cm), one medium earring holder (11 cm) and one taller metal holder (14 cm). All of the earring holders have a copper finish. They are mustache shape and each one is designed to hold one pair of earrings.

These copper stands are an elegant way to display long drop and pendant earrings. If you would like a matching stud display, then you may like a copper earring stand.

Set of 3 Metal Earring Holders

  • Elegant design with a copper finish
  • 3 different holder sizes includes
  • One 9 cm, one 11 cm and one 14 cm tall earring stand in each set
  • Ideal for long drop earring styles
  • Sizes can also be purchased individually

This set of 3 metal earring holders is nicely complemented by our price cubes.

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