Tie Hangers for Retail Displays

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These tie hooks are ideal for retail use. Their simple design is part of what makes these such an effective display item. Simply slot your ties into the hook and then hang your hangers on your prong arms. These tie hangers are made from black plastic so that they complement your tie range, without detracting from them. It is the combination of their subtle colouring and simple design that makes these a perfect tool for retailers. Ensure that your displays are smart, without detracting from the main event; your merchandise.

these tie hangers are already cost-effective as they are only 26 pence each. In addition, there are no minimum order quantities so that independent retailers are not restricted. As well as this, there are also bulk discounts to suit large retailers who require large amounts. To qualify for bulk discounts simply purchase more than 100 tie hangers. When you purchase 100 – 299 tie hangers you will automatically receive a 5% discount when you reach the checkout. Even better, when you purchase 300 or more of these hangers, you will receive a 10% discount at the till.

Tie Hangers For Retail

  • Ideal for retail displays
  • Hang ties quickly and effectively
  • Black colour ensures these hangers are simple
  • Colour complements all tie colours
  • Simple design for ease of use and for attractive displays
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Bulk discounts available starting from just 100+ hangers

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