10 Reasons Letter Boards Are So Popular

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Letter boards have taken the world by storm.  Inspired by the childhood game of Battleships, these retro changeable peg letter boards are a great display solution for your café, business, coffee shop or home.

We’ve fallen in love with them and so have our customers, here’s 10 reasons why:

1. No Artistic Talent Required

The beauty of letter boards are their simplicity. They’re creative, stylish, yet functional and best of all, you don’t need to be Picasso to write them up. Just plug in the characters and away you go.

2. All Change

Want to change your prices? Run out of something? No problem. The letters simply pop in and out of the boards, so if it’s time for a shake-up – there’s no panic!

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btpstratfordsmaller e1600514981741

3. Versatile

Perfect for that ever-changing menu, catchy quote or sales promotion. There are so many different applications for letter boards now, we’ve honestly lost track.  Shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee shops – yes, yes, yes. Our customers also love them for wedding signage, social media posts, office décor, family announcements, baby showers, home décor… and of course [breathe] Tik Tok.

4. Go Big Or… Just Go Small

There are a number of sizes to go for, so whether you need a bigg’un or a littl’un, we can help. Our smaller letter boards are ideal for standing on a counter or even for making mini reservation signs or displaying Wifi codes. They’re quirky and colourful, and most of all, they will not be ignored!

If it’s a menu board you’re looking for, then a bigg’un is probably preferable. There are a bunch to choose from including narrow ones and wide ones. They all come with their own black frames and fittings on the back, so they’re ready to hang straight out of the box.

5. Versa-tile

Use them to inspire, inform or simply entertain. Our letter boards tiles, sold in packs of x10, are 152mm x 152mm, but they can also be joined together with metal clips, so you can make a custom size to suit your space.

6. Those Retro Feels

Letter boards are a great way to add a little personality to your space.  Whether they’re functional price lists, social media handles or your favourite Marilyn Monroe quote, they never fail to attract attention.

7. Perfectionist Friendly Letter Boards

Unlike our chalkboard brethren, our changeable letter boards are practically perfect in every way. So there’s no need to worry about wonky letters or e’s that look like a’s.  We’ve got a whole range of completely uniform letter board letters to choose from. Their sizes go from 13mm, all the way up to 51mm.  We also have assorted packs of yellow and white letters, red letters, social media and currency characters. So the perfectionists among us can rest easy, as these incredibly neat displays are just that… neat.

btpcafe scaled
btpcafe scaled

8. Red and Yellow and Pink and Blue...

Our framed letter boards come in a range of colours including yellow, white, blue, purple, pink and red. So whether you’re looking for a seasonable colour change, or simply to stay on-brand with a colour match, we can help.  Our customers particularly love these letter boards for pop-up shops or events, as they very quickly and effortlessly inject colour and fun.

9. Plastic or Wood, They’ve Got Staying Power

Letter boards do their job day in and day out. Most of our boards are made from black plastic, but if it’s that high-end look you’re after, we can also source wooden letter boards.  A popular choice is a hardwood veneered MDF, with a matching solid wood frame (pictured).  The wood grain runs along the largest of the board’s dimensions and is given a hard-wearing, natural clear coat to finish – beautiful.  They also come with a handy cleat system for easy installation and letter/price change days.  Plastic or wood, either way, both are easy to look after and unlike printed promotions, they won’t end up looking worn or go out of date.  They’re simple, effective will stand (or hang) the test of time.  Get in touch with us to find out more about ordering a wooden letter board.

10. Silent Salesman

The cheapest employee you’ll ever hire. Letter boards will sign your praises and silently attract customer attention without any more than the initial investment!

edited 2 scaled
edited 2 scaled

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