A4 Free Standing Light Pocket Display

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PRICE: £92.95 Excl. VAT


This free-standing A4 light pocket display uses LED light to illuminate the poster or information that you wish to display. These light pockets are an excellent way to attract attention and work effectively whether it’s day or night.

These LED light pockets have a simple design, they simply plug in to the mains via a 12 volt transformer which is included in the display. In addition, they are very easy to change up. The poster simply slots in or out when you need it to.

A4 Free Standing Light Pocket Display

  • The mains plug and 12 volt transformer is included
  • Simply remove the display from the packaging and plug it in
  • Change the poster by slotting it in or out
  • Ideal for window displays or counter tops


For more information about this A4 light pocket display, please call The Display Centre team on 01329 842 000.

01329 842 000
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