Infrared Interactive Whiteboard (Multi Touch Screen Display)

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Easy Access Front Ports

Connect your laptop directly to the Interactive Touch Display, via HDMI and USB, quickly and conveniently using the additional ports located on the front of the display. easy to connect to windows pc plug and play

Advantages over Projectors

Touch screen solutions have a sharper image and greater contrast, which provides drastically superior readability and doesn’t take its toll on your eyes. Also designed to last 16 times longer than most projector lamps and doesn’t create annoying shadows. IR infrared touch screen digital signage compared with projectors

Interactive Learning

Use your finger, stylus or anything else as your cursor. Also supports applications with up to 6-touch points as well as touch gestures, much like a smart phone, creating a whole new opportunity for group leaning and interaction. Interactive group Learning

Freeze Frame Function

If you are running the Interactive Touch Display from your laptop you can “freeze” the content on screen, allowing you to use your laptop independently from the screen.freeze frame function

Eco Friendly LED Backlight

LED backlights offer improved brightness, contrast, lifespan and power consumption. Unlike other forms of light this technology is mercury free; making it even more eco-friendly.Eco Friendly LED Backlight technology

Optional Trolley Stand

Either install onto a classroom wall or invest in a fully portable trolley stand – allowing for improved diversity. Use in any classroom you like or even the assembly hall for playing DVDs. The trolley stand also features a shelf to hold your laptop.Optional Trolley Stand with laptop tray

Screen Size

55″ Screen, 65″ Screen

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