Slatted Panel Infills


PRICE: From £0.95 Excl. VAT



Slatwall inserts slide into the grooves of slatwall. These inserts are available in many different colours. Your insert colour selection should depend on the slatwall colour you have chosen and on the types of merchandise you supply.

The Display Centre’s most popular insert colours are white, cream, matt silver, aluminium and grey.

A range of other colours are available and if you cannot find the colour you need, we will find it for you.

Plastic slatwall infills can be popped in from the front post fitting. Aluminium inserts are less flexible and so need to be slid along a slatwall groove and cannot be popped in from the front like plastic inserts can.

All infills are 4ft long. Twenty four are required to fill each 8ft x 4ft panel.

Visit our slatwall information page for more slatwall information.

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