Backless Snap Frame, Silver

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These backless snap frames are one of the more cost effective options as they do not have a back panel. The back panel on snap frames serves to hold the poster in place, and is particularly useful if you plan on having a rough wall behind the frame. However, if you are planning on using the frame indoors against a flat wall, then the wall can be used to support the poster and a back is not necessarily required.

Choose between an A4 or A5 sized silver backless snap frame. In addition, you can choose between mitred or rounded corners. In the image you will be able to see that the frame on the right hand side has mitred corners, while the frame on the left hand side has rounded corners which have a plastic infill. While rounded corners are marginally cheaper, the mitred corners tend to have the neatest finish.

Backless Snap Frames, Silver

  • Most cost effective solution
  • Backless
  • Choose between mitred or rounded corners
  • Choose between A5 and A4
  • 25 mm aluminium frame
  • Different colours are available

This is just one of our several types of snap frame. If you need help finding the right poster display for your purpose, contact us today. Call our helpful team on 01329 842 000.

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