Female Three-Quarter Articulated Dummy


PRICE: £239.00 Excl. VAT


These articulated mannequins are becoming extremely popular with fashion retailers and have even be used for exhibition stands. Their distinctive, retro look is not only eye-catching but also helps contribute to a shop’s atmosphere.

Display your products beautifully using a female articulated mannequin. This articulated dummy has a 3/4 length body with a metal stand. The metal stand is designed to look vintage so that it is in-keeping with the rest of the mannequin’s design. The stand has braked wheels and a retro looking spring. In addition, it has a display brake that attaches to the base.

There is a toggle inside the mannequin’s thigh that can be spun. When spun, the toggle loosens or tightens the mannequin’s grip on its base. As a consequence, the female articulated mannequin can be secured at different heights. So, simply slide the female articulated mannequin to the the desired position and tighten the toggle. The maximum height of the dummy is 755 mm.


Female Three-Quarter Articulated Dummy

  • Retro design with excellent attention to detail
  • Articulated shoulders, elbows, wrists and finger joints
  • Supplied with both a head and a thistle top to give retailers the choice
  • Braked castors attached to the base for both design impact & practicality
  • Height adjustable for display versatility
  • Dark wooden arms
  • Bust: 850 mm
  • Waist: 640 mm
  • Hip: 840 mm
  • Shoulder to shoulder: 375 mm
  • Max body height: 755 mm

This articulated dummy is supplied with both a thistle top and a fiberglass head that is covered with linen fabric. Similarly, the body is also constructed from fiberglass that is covered with linen fabric. The body has a waist that is 640 mm and hips that are 840 mm wide. The bust measurement is 850 mm and the dummy measures 375 mm from shoulder to shoulder.

The dummy’s arms articulate at the shoulder, elbow, wrist and at each finger knuckle. So, whether you’re merchandising gloves, handbags, clothes or accessories, these mannequins make an impact.

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