Counter Standing DL Portrait Leaflet Holder (Four Tier)


PRICE: £5.95 Excl. VAT


This leaflet holder has 4 tiered pockets, each pocket is 110mm wide by 149mm high. These pockets are ideally suited to DL leaflets (99mm wide x 210mm high) displayed in a portrait orientation and have a capacity of 60 flyers each depnding upon paper thickness. The term DL actually refers to the DL Envelope size which is 110mm x 220mm. So typically, when people say they want a DL Flyer, they actually need a flyer that will insert into a DL Envelope. The correct term for this is 1/3 of an A4 which is 99mm x 210mm.Our leaflet holders are made from crystal clear polystyrene. This unit is designed to stand on a table, counter, shelf or window ledge.

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