Metal Blanket Hangers (550 mm)

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These metal blanket hangers are popularly used for hanging blankets, quilted blankets and even sofa throw rugs. They are easy to use and are convenient for those who need to hang thick clothing. This is because, there is more space between the cross bar and hanger top than on normal clothes hangers. In addition, these blanket hangers have a black non-slip grip on the cross bar. This ensures that, even if you are hanging a slippery material, your item will stay put.

These blanket hangers are great for retailers who would like to merchandise their items neatly. In addition, these are also popular with hotels, hospitals or even simply for us in the home. Their chrome finish ensures that they always look smart so whether they are on show, or not, these blanket hangers will help you keep things in order.

These blanket hangers measure 550 mm from end to end. This is quite wide for a hanger, as the average is between 400 and 420 mm. This is purposefully done to ensure that you have enough room to hang your blankets and thick items. As well as being used for blankets, many use these as salopet hangers. As they are deeper and wider than standard clothes hangers, these are particularly helpful for those who wish to hang thick ski trousers neatly.

Metal Blanket hangers (550 mm)

  • Wider than normal clothes hangers for ease of use (550 mm)
  • Prevent your items from falling off with their non-slip cross bar finish
  • Deeper gap between the cross bar and the hanger top to allow room for bulky items
  • Smart and attractive chrome finish
  • Bulk discounts available

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