Black Clothes Rail With Fishtail Feet (3 – 6 ft Long)


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Black Clothing Rail With Fishtail Feet | Clothes Rails

Choose the right size of black clothes rail for you. You can choose between rails that are 3, 4, 5 & 6 feet long. This allows a large amount of flexibility for retailers and home users alike. Each standard black clothes rail will hold around 100 Kg of clothes when they are evenly distributed across the rail.

Each black clothes rail comes with what are called fishtail feet. Fishtail feet help to stabilise the clothes rail and ensure that the rail stays in one place. Fishtail feet are sometimes preferred to castors because they do not allow the clothes rail to slide. Many independent retailers prefer these as they are easier to use on the shop floor. However, black clothes rails with castors are also available if you would prefer to be able to move your rail. In addition, you can also select chrome fishtail rails. Alternatively, you can choose between black, white and chrome rails with castors. To browse our full range of standard rails, visit our standard rails page.

If you would like to add an extra bar to your rail, you may wish to also visit our sliding bar product.

Please note that the 5 ft and 6 ft wide clothing rails have a join in the middle of the centre bar. Please see the images to view.

Black Clothes Rail With Fishtail Feet (3 – 6 ft Long)

  • Choose between a 3, 4, 5 or 6 ft long black clothes rail
  • Each garment rail is 5 ft high
  • Holds approximately 100 Kg of clothes evenly distributed across the rail
  • Fishtail feet for stability
  • Suitable for retail or domestic use
  • Chrome fishtail rails are also available
  • Black clothes rails with castors also available
  • Bulk discounts apply

Bulk discounts are applicable to this product. When you purchase 3 – 5 rails, you will automatically receive a 10% discount at the website checkout. Even better, when you buy 6 or more garment rails, a 15% discount will automatically be applied.

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