Baby and Toddler Size Cubes for Hangers (50 Pack)

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Mark your clothes hangers with these baby and toddler size cubes to make your retail displays easier to navigate for your customers. These cost-effective size marker cubes make it easy for you to present your baby and toddler clothing items in a tidy and simple way. The size cubes simply slide over the end of the clothes hanger hook and then rest on the join of the hook and the hanger itself. They are a very useful tool for retailers who wish to merchandise their products clearly. This is because they enable customers to identify which item of clothing is the appropriate size for their needs.

These particular baby and toddler size cubes come in several different colours to make it even easier for customers to find the size that they need. In addition, each size cube measures 14 mm square and is suitable for most hanger types.

The size marker cubes are sold in packs of 50. Each set of 50 contains 50 of one size. Please note that these packs contain 50 cubes which all show the same size.

Included in this range of baby and toddler size cubes are 0-3 MTHS, 0 – 6 MTHS, 3 – 6 MTHS, 6 – 9 MTHS, 6 – 12 MTHS, 9 – 12 MTHS and 12 – 18 MTHS.

Baby and Toddler Size Cubes for Hangers (50 Pack)

  • Each pack contains 50 cubes of the same size
  • Ideal for displaying baby and toddler clothes
  • Sizes are displayed in months; ‘MTHS’
  • Sizes available are: 0 – 3 MTHS, 0 – 6 MTHS, 3 – 6 MTHS, 6 – 9 MTHS, 6 – 12 MTHS, 9 – 12 MTHS and 12 – 18 MTHS
  • Different sizes are different colours
  • Bulk discounts apply
  • Fast UK Delivery

Gain a discount when you purchase 10 or more size cube packs. The first discount is applied when 10 – 24 size cube packs are purchased. The discount is 5%. For an even higher discount, purchase 25 or more packs. A purchase of 25 packs or more results in a 10% discount.

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