GraylinGrips: Broad Clear Hanger Grips


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GraylinGrips are The Display Centre’s own range of hanger grips. These are the broad clear hanger grips which are designed for use with broad jacket hangers. Our GraylinGrips were the first self-adhesive hanger grips on the market and have been carefully created to be the best on the market.

These broad clear hanger grips are self-adhesive and stick straight onto the shoulders of clothes hangers. Simply peel the grips off of the easy-peel backing paper, and stick them onto your clothes hangers. These grips stop clothes from falling off their hangers and prevent retail assistants having to pick clothes up off the floor and rehang them. Consequently, they save retailers both time and money. In addition, we have created three packet sizes to suit different needs. There are two sizes created for retail, and another smaller packet size which is designed for retailers to sell to their customers.

The self-adhesive on these grips is strong and long lasting. The non-slip, textured, surface of GraylinGrips makes them perfectly suited to hanging fashion items. These hanger grips measure 83 mm long by 18 mm wide, tapering to 14 mm. Thinner grips and black grips are also available. Take a look on our hanger grips section to view them all.

GraylinGrips: Broad Clear Hanger Grips

  • Self-adhesive grips to stick straight onto the shoulders of clothes hangers
  • Easy-peel backing paper for quick application
  • Strong, long-lasting hanger grips
  • These are broad clear grips, ideal for broad jacket hangers
  • 83 mm long by 18 mm wide, tapering to 14 mm
  • Choose from a 100 or 1000 pack
  • Smaller packs of Hangergrips also available for retailers to sell to their customers
  • Fast delivery

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