A classy and modern way to display your products; our display plinths are perfect for creating attention-grabbing displays. Read more…

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Acrylic Display Pedestal Set of 5

£196.95 ExVAT

Acrylic Display Pedestal Small Counter Set Of 5

£142.95 ExVAT

Display Plinths

Our range of display plinths is ideal for shop window dressing or for creating exciting point of sale displays in store. They come in a variety of colours, materials, sizes and shapes.

These pedestals create beautiful and effective multi-level displays that allow your customers to get a good view of each product. In addition, by creating a multi-level display, the overall display becomes more engaging and leads the customer’s eye around the display.

Through careful display plinth and product positioning, you can encourage customers to focus their attention on particular products based on how high or low you place certain items.

Our Display Experts can provide you with the perfect display plinths for your store. Call us now on 01329 842 000